reducing barriers

The Waitakere College Foundation is a Charitable Trust formed by community leaders and past pupils of the College to:

“provide opportunities for our kids to succeed in education by reducing barriers”.

The Foundation accepts donations of any size from individuals or businesses, who would like to enhance the educational outcomes for students of the College in a variety of ways, to support classroom learning, and provide better opportunities to succeed educationally, within the workforce and community.

For instance, challenges faced by some students currently include inequity in areas of:

  • Access to equipment and programmes that would allow them to participate fully in school life
  • Affordability, which restricts access to transport, school camp, uniforms, participation in sports, performing arts and extra-curricular activity
  • Home access to broadband and digital learning facilities
  • Funds for scholarships and mentoring programmes to guide and develop them in school and in pathways beyond school

Our approach is to work with charitable donors to secure new and sustainable sources of funding for equipment, resources and activities to meet needs as above.

The Foundation Trustees will meet regularly to discuss and debate options for use of any donations raised and agree on measured outcomes of activity. The Trustees have a connection to the school via its membership including the Principal, and past students.

How you can help

We would love to hear from you if you have any other ways you can potentially assist us.

Change a life today

Help us make a difference and come along on the journey today.  Donate your time or make a difference by donating financially.  We’ll put either to good use, get in touch today and start making the difference.