Continued growth in tertiary education and the workforce

Tertiary education and trade apprenticeships are essential next steps to prepare students for a successful career within the workforce.  Unfortunately every year many of our students face barriers not having the means to fund either the course fees or equipment required.

The Waitakere College Foundation has committed to help students facing this challenge, awarding multiple scholarships each year for students that have shown ambition and commitment but may struggle to meet their means.  These are given to hardworking students, who could potentially miss out on a life-changing chance to enter into further academic study, or a high-end trade, due to financial barriers.

  • 2016: 4 academic scholarships being awarded to a total of $15,000
  • 2017: 12 scholarships awarded: 6 x $1,500 to those furthering their education academically, and 6 x $1,500 to those who had worked hard to secure a trade apprenticeship to support them with trade tools and block courses for a total of $18,000
  • 2018: 6 x $1,500 scholarships awarded for a total of $9,000
  • 2019: 7 x $1,500 scholarships awarded for a total of $11,500
  • 2020: 13 x $1,500 scholarships awarded for a total of $19,500
  • 2021: 12 x $1,500 scholarships awarded for a total of $18,000
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