Waitakere College Foundation is very appreciative to the support of members of the community who have chosen to leave a bequest in their will to the Foundation.

Bequests of any amount are very helpful to the students of Waitakere College and the work of WCF.

We have prepared a brochure with further information that may assist you in making this decision and are also willing to work with you on planning for how your bequest will be used by the Foundation.

Bequests while you are still living:

Many people are now choosing to not wait until they have passed to make their contributions. This can be a very rewarding process and we are very happy to work with you to ensure your donation is directed to one or more particular areas of the Foundation’s work. We can accept your donation either on an anonymous basis, or providing full recognition for your generosity. If you are interested in being involved in seeing how your contribution is being utilised, we can also make this happen.

Please contact us to discuss things further.

Change a life today

Help us make a difference and come along on the journey today.  Donate your time or make a difference by donating financially.  We’ll put either to good use, get in touch today and start making the difference.