Attending School Camps is crucial in the development of young people

The Year 10 School Camp is an amazing fun-filled chance to make new friends and build confidence by trying new experiences – some of these students have never been camping or spent time in NZ’s bush and beach environments. Important life skills are learnt and it becomes a highlight of their 5 year school career for many – but due to family finances each year when the time comes, the opportunity for many students to go on camp starts to slip away. The Waitakere College Foundation works with teachers and Deans to ensure those deserving students don’t miss out on this fantastic memory-making adventure.

    • 2016: 12 students were partially or fully subsidised to head off onto their camp
    • 2017: 29 students were partially or fully subsidised to head off onto their camp
    • 2018: 11 students were partially or fully subsidised to head off onto their camp
    • 2019: 12 students were partially or fully subsidised to head off onto their camp

Feedback from students who have attended their Year 10 Camp with the help of the Foundation:
* I feel grateful that the school paid for the Year 10 Camp because going on this trip made me communicate with others and become closer to school.

* Dear Foundation. I just wanna say a big thank you for being able to afford to take me to camp instead of being in school. I really had a fun week. I really enjoyed myself. I got to spend time with my mates, got to do a lot of fun activities. I actually got to know people well. If I didn’t go I wouldn’t have this opportunity to do it so thank you!!! Thanks.

* I really enjoyed going to camp because I got to be with my friends, did heaps of activities and enjoyed every bit of it. I got the experience of going kayaking and made more friends.

* Hi WCF, Going to the camp was a very rewarding experience. Over there I found some new friends and I learned a lot about working in a team and communicating.

* Dear foundation thank you for the sponsorship because it was my very first time getting sponsored, and I am greatful for getting sponsored. Thank you soo much yes I enjoyed camp I meet more new friends which they are now my best friends thank you. And it was good for my mum because I knew she would of had troubles for paying for my camp soo thank you very much……..

* Dear foundation, I just want to say how grateful I am to have you contribute a lot in order for me to be allowed to attend this camp, this is my favourite camp of all time, I got to meet new friends, make new memories, explore a little bit more of New Zealand and it allowed me to stay off of my device for a week. I really enjoyed talking to people that I see around school but don’t usually communicate with, I enjoyed all the activities, the sight seeing, the hikes and just the bonds that were created through this camp. When people mention year 10 camp, I remember it as one of the bestest most funnest camps I’ve ever had and I just want to thank you for making it possible, without your help I wouldn’t be close friends with the people I hang around today, I wouldn’t have seen the beautiful beaches that we have here in New Zealand and I wouldn’t have been able to experience the activities we had. I will always remember this camp as one of my most treasured moments, thank you so so much for your contribution.

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